This recommendation is for Nick from Thank You  I had been looking for a local tutor to help me with an Undergraduate level Number Theory class, when I stumbled upon this remote tutoring service.  Initially I was hesitant about using a remote tutoring service, however Nick s’ explanation of his services and how it all worked sparked my interest.  He offered a free 30 minute trial to try his services out before I committed to anything.  Well, I was quickly and pleasantly surprised at Nick's professionalism, courtesy, intelligence and talent for teaching tough Math material.  He was amazing!  At that point, I had no hesitation about wanted to continue to use his services.  I was also very impressed at how easy it was to participate in a tutor session via the internet whiteboard.  I’m able to easily log into a website where I watch Nick write on a whiteboard and there are also buttons on the whiteboard that allow me to write on the board as well.  The capabilities of the internet whiteboard are so fantastic that you almost feel like you are sitting right next to the tutor.  The other part of the tutoring is through Skype, a free tool that works just like a phone, but it’s all through the internet.  The great thing about Skype is that you have the option of recording your conversations.  This helps if you need to refer back to something that was explained during the session.

Regarding the payment for the services, it’s also very easy, secure and safe.  All I did was create a PayPal account where I pay for the services with a few quick clicks.  The services are also much more affordable compared to a local tutor.

Lastly, Nick has been very accommodating to my tutoring needs.  He has gone above and beyond what I ever imagined.  He teaches things very clearly and breaks a problem down into a simple form that can be easily understood.  He has a true talent for teaching and really cares about making sure that you understand the material.  I have learned so much from him in such a short time, that I will be forever grateful. 

I highly recommend using the tutors from Thank You!

Heather from Long Island in New York