Hello ThankYouTutor!

I'd just like to say thank you for giving me the time and attention to excel in my coursework.  In the process of looking for tutorial services I came across your website and received great feedback and introduction from a gentleman by the name of Nikhil Thapar.  He gave tremendous  support!  If anyone needs help with Java or other computer language and applications, I strongly suggest you get in contact with Nikhil!  

My coursework was really bogging me down to the point that I was feeling very discouraged.  Through the time and support I received from your company and Nik, I've gained a new understanding of the subject (Java Programming) and the motivation to progress.  To break things down, he helped me find Java solutions with a full explanation of how.  Now I am scheduled for a 2 hour session to go over the upcoming Midterm and how I should approach it to earn well respected grade.  I would strongly recommend Nikhil Thapar to anyone who may be falling behind in there coursework or simply just wants to get a better understanding of the material.....and ThankYouTutor won't let you down!  

Thanks Again,  

Ken Jacobi +15703500664 

Java Programming Foundations

University of West Florida